About Us


USE Electronics is a Taiwan based trading firm, which was founded in 1975. Its business core activities is to import highly automated machinery, production facilities and electronics and control compnents from around the world and distribute to meet local and overseas market demand. Throughout its history, USE has also introduced new technologies and new materials, which made contributions to the Malaysia Electronics, Machine and Glass Industries.

USE Electronics (Malaysia) was established in September 1994. We are the leading distributor for Europe glass machineries, such as Schiatti, Bovone, Intermac, Fratelli Pezza, Triulzi, and more. Besides, we also distribute well-known electronic related products such as Alpha Taiwan, Tocos, Toyo, Ario, Zippy and others.

We had diversified and developed new products, such as latex glove, dental products, etc to export and distribute to overseas market.

Our core products offered include:

At USE, we aim to provide Support, services and Satisfaction to customers to maintain a long lasting friendship and business bond. We are committed to a policy of listening to our customers' needs and understanding their requirements. We are continuously finding ways to improve our services and product line, thus will simdtaneously introduce new technologies to our customers. We have established a solid business foundation, which spans thoughout China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

USE Electronics have earned and upholding the trust given by its customers to assist them in improving reliability on their products and ensuring business growth. We sincerely hope that we can develop a relationship where we can bring the World's excellent product to our customer’s doorstep.