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Transformer Winding Wire Reinforced Insulation

The insulation of the wire, which is made up of three layers, completely isolates the primary from secondary of the transformer

The TIW is classified as a wire with three-layered, reinforced insulation  as generally provided for in various safety standards. Therefore, it eliminates barriers, interlayer tapes, and insulating tubes in a transformer.

It can be soldered without stripping the insulation film. Furthermore, the insulation of TIW is strong enough to withstand high-speed winding on the automatic wire winder.


Insulating class : Reinforced Insulation
Proper form temperature : 130′ C (Class B)
All standard ( 0.20MM~1.00MM)

Insulating class : Reinforced insulation
Proper form temperature : 130 C [ Class B ]
Rated voltage : 1,000 Vrms (max)
Use conductor : All standard [0.2~1.0 mm]
Standard color : yellow


Usable for following items

  • SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply)
    • Multi-power supply system for electric equipment
  • Battery Charger for Smart Phone Adapter
  • Adapter
    • Exterior Multi-power supply system for electric equipment
  • Laptop computer and Game set
  • Digital camera
  • Other electric items


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